Who We Are

Electronics and mechanical engineers within the Department of Biology at the University of York, working with a team of research scientists, developed the original SkyLine concept in 2013 as a solution to the problems of cost and lack of flexibility posed by existing automated chambers.

The three systems originally deployed in the field proved to be enormously successful, gathering a massive amount of data previously unavailable to scientists.

Since then these prototypes, and further iterations of the design, have been deployed at numerous sites at home and abroad. Other scientists have asked how they can get hold of one of these wonderful systems for their own research.

Buoyed on by the interest shown in SkyLine from around the globe, the York team, with backing from NERC, set about the task of commercialising the product.  EarthBound Scientific Ltd  and its concept for a multi-analyser, multi-sensor SkyLine2D platform were born. Watch this space for news approaching an anticipated launch in 2021.